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365 Pages of Self-Discovery (ad)

Whether with your morning coffee or at the end of a long day, take some time to yourself to engage in these introspective writing exercises that will help ground your daily routine with meaning and stability. With proven techniques stemming out of a year-long writing workshop, 365 Days of Self-Discovery will help you:

  • Discover yourself – questions and insights will encourage you to fearlessly express your inner feelings and thoughts
  • Motivate yourself – daily prompts will give you the motivation you need to maintain a routine of self-care
  • Express Yourself – with creative writing exercises to flex and stretch out your unique inner voice
  • Love yourself – your own words will help you acquire the confidence and courage to be truly whole

Time to pick up a pencil and let inspiration flow into four seasons in 365 days of words that are wholly and truly you.

The Book of Myself (ad)

Have you ever wanted to create your own autobiography or wished you could read about the life of a relative or friend? The Book of Myself is a do-it-yourself memoir that helps you record and preserve the experiences, relationships, and lessons that define you.

Created by a grandson who wanted to capture his grandfather’s life story for future generations, The Book of Myself offers 201 memory-evoking prompts on family, friends, and the journey you take through all of life’s stages.

The Mindfulness Journal for Kids (ad)

Being a kid means having lots of thoughts and emotions that might be exciting, or confusing, or overwhelming. Mindfulness—stopping to notice only what you’re feeling right now—can be a great way for kids to stay relaxed and positive as they tackle challenges, or just move through their day. This journal is all about mindfulness for kids; it’s full of writing prompts, easy exercises, and powerful quotes to make it easy and fun for kids to practice mindfulness all the time.

Burn After Writing Pink (ad)

Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, VSCO, YouTube…the world has not only become one giant feed, but also one giant confessional. Burn After Writing allows you to spend less time scrolling and more time self-reflecting. Through incisive questions and thought experiments, this journal helps you learn new things while letting others go. Imagine instead of publicly declaring your feelings for others, you privately declared your feelings for yourself?

This Is Me One Year Journal For Girls and Teens (ad)

Journaling is a fun and creative way to document life, get those thoughts and feelings out, and create a portrait of your inner most thoughts during the present time. This One Year Journal for girls and teens, provides space for daily journaling as well as weekly writing prompts that promote:

  • self exploration
  • goal planning
  • positive thinking
  • list making
  • creative writing
  • imaginative thinking
  • and more.

Shadow Work Journal and Guide for Beginners (ad)

Your shadow self is the part of your mind that holds your darkest thoughts, beliefs, and memories. With shadow work, you can embrace the shadow self, overcome your limitations, and thrive. This shadow work journal for beginners is full of guided writing prompts that show you how to engage with the shadows and face the future with peace and confidence.

  • Guidance from a professional — Author Kelly Bramblett is an experienced life coach, trauma specialist, and shadow work practitioner whose advice and expertise will keep you focused and centered as you practice.
  • Knowing your shadow — Release your fears and achieve your goals with powerful prompts and meditations like Mind Mapping, Dreamwork, Connecting to Your Inner Child, Transmuting Shame, and more.
  • Shadow work for beginners — If you’ve never tried shadow work before, this journal is the place to start! You’ll get a clear introduction to shadow work and what to expect throughout your healing process.

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